Credit Sequence

The increasing discourse about labor in the industry was always in the back of my mind while making this project. This prompted a need for the credits to be more than just a list at the end of a game session. Even for this small academic project it felt like we were constantly going through crunch against every other school responsibility. So, inspired by Nier: Automata (though people knew this more from Smash Bros.) I wanted to make the credits part of the game play experience. Even more to see the game through people's names. The game exists through their work. 

Concept  Art

A. David Anweiler


Abby Chavis, Fiona Fallon, Jennifer Martin, Matt White, Ureh Magnus, Emily Lane, Emily Misner, Eddie Machado, Sydney Sylvester

Sound Design

Damion Rowe


Main Battle Theme: Alex Waters

Graphic Design

Vaughn Gallagher 

Level Design 

Nathan Ludwig 

Art Support

Color Consulting: Leah Noble

Story: Taylor Andrews

Partner in Crime: Liz Kramer

3D Printing: Tony Kramer

Equipment: David Adams

Producing: Morgan Mathew


Responsible for Game Design, Programming, Modeling, Texturing, Shaders, Rigging, and Animations: Andrew Jacobs 

Special Thanks

Matt White, Ron Lewis, Jane Martin, Rick Miller, Kristin Miller, Eric Carlson, Miles Fulwider, Dr. Kandow, Mark Everetts, Phil, Schurger, Chris McCormick

May 26, 2019

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