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A mech powered road trip though big foot country. · By ajacobs.q


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Behind the Scenes: Automo-Mecha
Giant Robot Big Body Automo-Mecha Super Hugger '76 Since it's release Deusimator has drawn a lot of comparison's with 2004 era Cartoon Network show Megas XLR...
Behind the Scenes: Psysquatch
In Search of Monster (placeholder) Monster Concept Art Credits A. David Anweiler Psysquatch is a reptilian big foot, psionic-based life form. Below is the thri...
Behind the Scenes: Art
This post is a catalog of all the art produced to make this game, with links to their ArtStation pages which includes way more art! I plan on doing additional p...
Credit Sequence
The increasing discourse about labor in the industry was always in the back of my mind while making this project. This prompted a need for the credits to be mor...
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